Dark Art by Anton Semenov

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By on January 29, 2011, in Concept Art

Amazing dark & twisted illustrations by the Russian Artist.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Dark Art by Anton Semenov

shareit Dark Art by Anton Semenov

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  • http://Website bob

    your fucked in the head

  • http://Website Mooblerg

    The person who drew these is very talented. :) I enjoyed them.

  • zac

    bob, you sir, are fucked in the head.

  • http://Website Jwo!

    These are very cool. I love how the talented design and balance of each piece sort of overcomes the creepiness.

  • http://www.anderson.pro James Anderson

    Deeply disturbing, thus demonstrating exceptional talent. Thank you.

  • http://Website Sheena Stuart

    A very disturbing yet amazing art work. I enjoyed looking at it and trying to figure out the story that lies behind it.

  • Danderson


  • http://Website KingGillip

    Forced creepiness makes for non-creepiness.

  • Deborah


  • http://bahadirshor.blogspot.com me

    this man has a fucked up childhood. and he thinks he is guilty because what happened to his tailor dad. :D

  • Mags

    These are beautiful, unique, deep with imagination and done very well. Way to use your talent :) Sometimes it's what you've been through that helps paint the picture in your head. I love them.

  • http://Website Ann

    these are wonderful and gorgeous the talent and vision involved is mind blowing. thanks for sharing this work

  • http://Website Alethea

    Both frightening at times and very moving. I think you have an exceptional talent.

  • Jason Black

    Freakin amazing. Especially enjoyed the first and second to last ones.

  • http://Website Kristine

    I can't look away….

  • http://www.akatako.net/catalog/japanese-artists/takato-yamamoto Takato Yamamoto

    Creepy and dark – just the way I like my art.

  • http://www.myspace.com/idank idan kupferberg

    amazing art

  • http://Website ,alvegh kjvfk cvbxdh

    very inspirational! lovely.

  • Heidi

    Love the deep darkness! Very talented.

  • http://www.kropped.com kropped

    Amazing images – especially the first one

  • Dave

    Bob, it's "you're".

  • http://Website paultagonist

    I agree with KingGillip.. it seems a bit forced, as if trying to be dark.

  • http://Website Taylor

    This is some of the greatest art I've ever seen. Of any genre. Absolutely stunning.

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  • Asd