Back To The Future

Irina Werning, a Buenos Aires Photographer asked friends and family to “re-enact” old photos of themselves for an ongoing project, which she christened “Back to the Future.”

Did you like these photos? You will LOVE Irina Werning’s second Back To The Future collection!

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  • http://Website Luisa Ferrari

    A far more interesting version of this project, called "Young me / Now me" already exists since — at least — 2008

    • vesey

      i’m amazed that Irina knows all of the ugliest people in Argentina…………

    • Binki

      I prefer this project, the photos have the same settings not just the same outfit. It’s much more interesting to me.

  • Lean

    Muy buen trabajo! Algunas personas no cambian nunca…

  • http://Website Jen

    This project is amazing. Completely different than Young Me / Now Me, it focuses on recreating not just the pose of the person but the setting, mood, and quality of the photograph. Instead of being just an interesting comparison of how people have grown, this project brings in an eerie sense of familiarity and deja vu between pictures. Wonderful.

  • GladIStumbled

    Very well done, I too have seen other/similar concepts attempted recently – but not as well done.

    Inspiring, funny, touching…I stared at some of these for minutes.

  • http://Website dko

    are you on crack

    young me now me is amateur compared to this

    stop hating you little shit

  • Bonqo theclassifieds

    Love this! Very talented and very cool to look at. The whole office checked it this out. NICE!

    • ohrats

      stop hating indeed

  • http://Website RevBree

    [email protected] Agreed.

  • http://Website gp

    i fail to see where this link to a similar project is far more interesting.

    "Luisa Ferrari said at 10:18 am on February 15th, 2011:

    A far more interesting version of this project, called “Young me / Now me” already exists since — at least — 2008"

    as far as i can tell, these photos have more of an effort made to recreate the original- in spirit as well as location, attire, etc. the other project has the same folks (maybe) in a similar pose and that's it. i fail to see the superiority in the other project. thanks for being a jerk, luisa!

  • http://Website Maheen

    I love the concept and I love the way every minute detail from the ambiance to the expressions has been re-created. hats off=)

  • http://Website j.a.m.

    i find *back to the future* to be far more interesting than *young me/now me*…and importantly different. well done!

  • http://Website ZGilf

    Love this. So well done.

  • http://Website Cyndi

    I don't know why but this depresses me. You get to see the child so full of hope and innocence become a tired, dejected and gray old person.

    Or it could just be me.

    • Binki

      The way I see it is that now they’ve ‘lived’. They know so much more, and while they have some bad memories there are also good ones.

  • http://Website Megan

    Far better than Young Me/ Now Me. I think everyone is in agreement XD

  • http://Website Q Magoo

    @Luisa Ferrari

    I beg to differ – opinions being personal, of course…

    This series, I find, pays a more fitting homage to the concept. The series you link to is a series of similar photographs of the same person – meaning it's artisticly, not "…interesting"

  • http://Website Q Magoo

    …and btw, the one of the guys in the tub is fantastic!

  • wallpaper

    depressive pictures but amazing to look for the differences

  • http://Website Mystisun

    Agree with everyone – against Luisa. This is much more meaningful, artistic and creative than the other link.

  • http://Website jimbo


  • Adriana Coy

    I thought this was so cool.

  • Gour

    Great project. I can't imagine the amount of effort this would have taken – locations, lighting, mood, clothes, etc.

    However, do you think you need to put a NSFW warning for the woman with the accordian? There's nothing lewd about the pic, I just don't want someone getting caught by a super prudish boss.

  • http://Website Eliz – same thing except better

  • http://Website John Hopking

    The Zefrank website might be less detailed, but it does deserve credit for accomplishing the idea previously. Since this is wacky project-based photography, originality counts as much as aesthetic.

  • http://Website Baz

    Young me/now me doesn't use the original settings. Not in the same league.

  • http://Website okira


  • Shaun

    I honestly don't think that "young me / now me" is at all more interesting. The photos show the older subject acting out what was depicted in the original picture. But here we see an exact replication. Down to the clothing. Far more interesting.

  • Dirk

    Great project! I'm still smiling!

  • Norbert

    Cindy — same thing I thought looking at some pics. On some other I think the person has evolved pretty well. And depression — no, I didn't get any. It's probably what life is about, a coming and going, a losing of hopes and illusions. Watching some of the aged folks, I started wondering what may have turned their eyes to look tired and dejected. I know a lot of older folks whose eyes still show the fire burning…

  • http://Website Anjuman

    This one has a much better fidelity than the supposed original Me like!!

  • http://Website Iris

    Soooo great! Really, this is a much more interesting and detailed version than the other link. Great job!

  • http://Website Alej

    Adonde se puede ver este trabajo en Buenos Aires? Me parecen extraordinarias.


  • http://Website Carole

    The effort to recreate everything; the clothing, background, expression, etc., is Wonderful. Great job and I would love to see more!! Excellent!

  • Gustavo

    Cada elemento en la recreación se nota el esfuerzo, es decir , quedo FUERA DE SERIE, Felicidades por su esfuerzo y su magnífico trabajo.

  • Costa Rica

    Each element in recreating it shows the strain, i want to tell you, it looks COMPLETE OUT OF SERIES, Congratulations!!! Your efforts and excellent work give us a good day because I can smile.

  • Perry a.k.a. Yusuf

    This is one great idea that I have always wanted to do, re-enactment of photographs. There is this family portrait of ours taken in the 70’s (I would have to find it yet.) but i could not convince my sister to do ’cause she was sitting on mother’s lap! Mom and dad gone now. Well, perhaps on another photograph….
    This is great work! Kudos…

  • Dotty

    Fantastically creepy, wonderful and wistful. And as far as Luisa, commenter #1, a little bitter/a lot hater, don't you think? All art is relevant, all art matters.

  • http://IrinaWerning-BacktotheFuture tdmac


    Young Me Now Me? Are you kidding? This is eons beyond that effort. (Not to bag on YMNM)

  • Cynthia

    Fantastic replications of the past.

  • http://Website geir

    this is great, i think young me/now me is not even close no matter how long it has been out there!!! This brings great memories, i think i am going to do something like this of me!!

    Back to the future rocks!

  • Siri Fjørtoft

    This is amazing! I love it :-)

  • http://Website artSFan

    I found some of them humorous, all a bit melancholy. Great project. I'm befuddled by the venom directed at Luisa for a simple difference of opinion. The word "hater" is directed at him/her several times, but it is the accusers who are doing the cursing and hating. It seems that the anonymity of the web brings out our ugliness.

  • http://Website sheila

    This is so beautifully done – the lighting, the colours, facial expressions – everything… don't want to diss the young me / now me one, but it doesn't create the same emotion as this. Brilliant!

  • http://Website NenadePR

    I love this project. Congrats Irina – you capture in the newer version, the same feeling of the original photo in a way that it is hard to describe. I love how you slightly changed something of the background – like a taller plant, smaller pattern of a dress, etc. Much better than the other project mentioned above.

  • http://Website buckmiester

    Great concept!! Would like to try this with some of my friends. Young Me / Now Me not the same.

  • Quaden

    This is an amazing series. Being a digital artist I know how hard it is to recreate a modern seen. Getting the style, feel, and stetting of the older photographs is amazing. Keep up the great work.

  • http://thehealthyeatingsite Donna

    I love this! The attention to detail is impressive. The interesting thing is it was that detail that held my attention. I spent far more time looking at these than I normally would. I am still smiling from the experience. BIG kudos to your friends for playing along and doing such a superb job of mimicking the poses. Double kudos to the two guys in the tub! Their photo made me laugh.

  • Michel Guerrero Stud

    wow , yo tengo my back to the future listo para publicarlo

  • JW Purdy

    Awesome, this is great. Very fun time play.

  • http://Website Rory

    I completely disagree with miss "ferarri" below , that other project does not replicate pose clothing or location like this one does. This one is far better planned and executed.

  • Martina Collins

    This is brilliant! So much better than Young Me/Now Me in many ways.

    As someone above said it's the re-creation of the identical mood. Extra care was taken in re-creating of the old photos including the identical clothing, pose, environment even colouring of the photos. Love it!!

  • http://Website mike power

    This is great and very different from the rather uninspiring efforts at “Young me / Now me”. How Luisa Ferrari can claim that the latter is "far more interesting" is completely beyond me.

  • Fabio11234

    5th from bottom is a photoshop

  • effoss

    Louisa, you are so wrong, as others have pointed out, this is a much more all encompassing than the other project. There is barely any comparison. I think your artistic vision is a bit skewed.

  • http://Website Andi

    how in the world did they find the same fabrics and clothes etc. wow amazing. that was the most impressive part to me.

  • http://underconstruction Ms. K

    Superb photoshop type work! It's absolutely NOTHING like what

    was stated above:

    "Luisa Ferrari said at 10:18 am on February 15th, 2011:

    A far more interesting version of this project, called “Young me / Now me” already exists since — at least — 2008 " said.

    That's a pitiful site in my opinion. Yours is a class act with superb workmanship. Keep up the great work!


  • http://Website Rain Antonio

    Very interesting. Really nice!

  • cosplay

    cool, but the last one haven't be young

  • http://Website Uba Scooba

    This was a lot of fun to look at – thank you for doing this.

  • http://Website Simon Abrahams

    I love them and blogged about your work on our art history site where we compare portraits and self-portraits by the same artist in much the same way. Here's a link:

    This is on George Washington and his contemporaries but there are hundreds more on the site under Portraiture.

    Well done!

  • Sara Warjde

    young me…it's amateur. it looks like a joke, not like an art work. and the web site its horrible with all that advertising. back to the future is beautiful and accurate

  • http://Website Jon

    Its something we all do, looking back at old albums. The concept of re-creating the originals is simply great. Clearly some work and thought went into the wonderful recreations. Very interesting, a great idea well done.

  • Pamyla

    Excellent work!

  • http://Website Sara

    Love this I want 2 see more :)

  • weclickyou photograp

    Always is so pleased to see the creativity of a photographer, Irina Werning deserve a trophy and a huge exposition with this artwork. is not just all the true of the comments is also this desire to be closest to the perfection. like a modern photographer i just want to say THANK YOU Irina because its so difficult to be so original even if the idea is not your (giving the benefit of the doubt to young me/ now me. which is "cute" but yours. suberb!) just keep going. excellent work. :)

  • T

    Luisa Ferrari………You are a rude inconsiderate KNOB

    This is far more emotive and photographically thought out. This is a great little series, it is hard to be original. What we can do is improve, manipulate and interpret how we see things and other peoples work. I love it keep going.

  • aynadan

    aynadan psikolojik danışmanlık merkezi

  • http://Website Hans Vicente

    Definetely superior to "Young me / Now me.” The recreation of the original setting highlights the passing of time more vividly. It is the contrast of the "unchanged" evironment that brings the attention to "changed' subject. Time doesn't pass, but we do.

  • Will Layton

    Great piece, love the photos.

    Also, Luisa Ferrari is a retard.

  • Trevor Brown

    I am really struck by how exactly duplicated they are – I wanted to say "Photoshop!" at first but after looking at them all I am just really impressed with the attention to detail.

  • http://Website BigWave

    This is a MUCH better project than Young Me/Now Me. This is hands down the most inspired and well thought out concept I have seen to date. Good job Irina!

  • http://Website Jose Silva

    awesome, amazing really good project

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  • http://none Philosufferer

    Portraiture d'excelência…. without picking favorites, the accordion and the tub are priceless… brothers and sisters (I assume). That must have been fun&difficult for people involved. Stories flow to mind when seeing a picture from the past… I don't know what it's like recreating a scenario to that detail. My brother and I haven't been in a tub together for a long time… wonder if we could do it? We have old tub-together pictures…

    Many thanks for sharing your work.

  • http://none Rickwards

    There's such strength in the pose of the gentleman with the goatee. And my favorite… i don't know who he is, but i'm filled with joy when he's in front of me smiling and the word 'dwerp' fluttered into my head.

  • Alex Fairchild

    [bursts in, out of breath] hey, everybody! Are we still beating up on Luisa Ferrari? Cause that sure was a moronic comment she made!

    This work is astounding. How on earth did he find the clothes to match the original?

  • pffft

    the first comment is pretty mean-spirited. yes, they're similar projects. personally i like this one better because they really made more of an effort to exactly replicate the picture, which is very compelling. even if you like YMNM better it's lame to say that it's "far more interesting".

  • http://Website alainat33

    Ahhhhhh, omfg I so loved this!!!!!!

  • http://Website shinydemon

    Luisa Ferrari, nice try on that shameless plug for young me/ now me. It doesn't even compare to this, Fail.

  • http://Website jing

    this is the most kick ass thing ever, EVER!

  • john

    Nice to know how bad we will look when we get older

  • http://Website Lloyd McDaniel

    Wonderful, creative, well executed!

  • Jay

    There are a few more photo pairs and some other projects on her site…

  • http://Website Lee

    I liked this very much. You should all take a look at some more from this series.

  • http://Website Terri

    I think it's unfair to pick on Lisa. I don't like the so-called original series as much as she apparently does, but then I don't know what my late sister-in-law saw in my brother. It's all a matter of artistic taste, isn't it?

  • Bakeca Milano

    Really great. I like the one with the smiling guy 😀

  • Moving Companies Bos

    Thanks for taking the time to post this. I look forward to reading more and checking back often.

  • Karri

    I enjoyed looking through and seeing how these people have changed

  • http://Website Flore

    pretty good stuff!

  • stars networth

    woow.. its a great idea.. good stuff

  • Creative Design

    It's all about idea…Those photos are unbelivable! Keep up with good work!

  • http://Website Susan P

    These photos are s0 cool. What a great way to examine the aging process. I am impressed with the creativity.

  • Moving Boston

    Thanks for taking the time to post this. I look forward to reading more and checking back often.

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  • Craig Malchow

    This was novel. I wish I could read every post, but i have to go back to work now… But I'll return.

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  • Jan

    wow! these photos are really cool… 😀

  • http://Website Andie

    These are miles and miles better than most of the Young Me/Now Me photos. Some of those are great, but these are in a whole different league.

  • Goga

    What am amazing concept, fantastic, I absolutely adore the idea of re-construction of old photos, brilliant

  • EverClassify

    Very nicely done, a lot of thought went into this one. Look forward to more for you.

  • kajeei

    nice site .i love it ,nice work, keep it up :)

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  • http://Website fknhippie

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  • Donne Milano

    It’s amazing … great post!

  • opickaza

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  • red thumb

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