Pencil Vs. Camera by Ben Heine

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Ben Heine is a talented illustrator and photographer. he has put together an amazing ongoing project called ‘Pencil Vs Camera.’ Ben knows how to create a strong perspective for the viewer by expertly matching the lines of the background scenery. Combination of Real photograph and semi-realistic pencil drawing gives a very good and interesting photograph.

These visual impacts have become a favorite among artists and photographers.

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pinit fg en rect gray 20 Pencil Vs. Camera by Ben Heine

shareit Pencil Vs. Camera by Ben Heine

Do you want more visual fun? See the visual archive.

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  • Arya

    Wow very nice!

  • Luke the duke

    LOVES IT !! refreshing!

  • http://Website Hand Tools

    Very interesting. I agree with the comment above. I bookmarked your site. When are you going to write another post? I would like to be a guest author sometime.

  • geek

    Impressing! Very good work.

  • sim1

    ‘semi-realistic’ is a very good expression for ‘Photoshop or not’ ha!