The Bosses of EarthBound

Canadian artist Matt Cummings illustrated all the bosses in EarthBound, a role-playing video game published by Nintendo for the Super NES video game console.



Diamond-Carbon Dog

Electro Spectre

Thunder and Storm

Plague Rat of Doom


Trillionage Sprout

Mondo Mole

Titanic Ant

  • L

    These bosses are very nice, but I'm afraid they're all just pretenders to the throne who cower in the shadow of the true boss of EarthBound.

    Bring on Clumsy Robot!

  • Anthony G

    This is soooooo awesome! I love Earthbound with a passion. Please make a cartoon series about their adventures!

  • Jon

    Ah, this takes me back. I still remember my friend getting me Earthbound for SNES for my birthday and thinking "hm, what's this?" Didn't know it was going to become one of my favorite games ever.

    Love the expressions in the Trillionage Sprout piece!