Celebrity Trash Art by Jason Mecier

Jason Mecier, a San Francisco-based artist creates portraits of celebs using everything from bits of discarded jewellery to empty deodorant cans and bubble-gum wrappers. He has spent 15 years carefully collecting rubbish and using it for his masterful modern artwork. Artist Jason Mecier says that many celebrities have bought the work they inspired. Each one of his creations takes at least 50 hours of his time.


  • HAllo Very nice work!! I like it!

  • Politicians are not celebrities. They are paid civil servants who are tasked with keeping out society running while following the Constitution. Making them into, or implying that they are celebrities is one of the failures of the simple minded in our society and a major source of evil in the world.

    Why isn't there an art piece of Obama's teleprompter? It is more famous than him.

    • Symphony Xu

      thats deep…

  • Cher

    wow wow wow amazing!

  • Symphony Xu

    i would never have the patience to do this…