Awesome Illustrations by Abraao Lucas

Abraao Lucas is a brasilian artist with incredible talent for design and illustrations.


  • Melanie

    I know it’s part of the style, but really, is this supposed to be illustration or…? Until you start having all male characters wear nothing but jock-straps, I’m afraid I’ll have to keep protesting against this way of depicting almost every female character.

    • Stuffsticks

      ye I’d like to see a picture where he’s got the guy in a jockstrap with one of his testes seductively hanging out the side

  • Stuffsticks

    i agree with the poster above me.. its all too apparent that the females in these pictures are designed to be jacked off over.. whether by yourself or by your audience…

    don’t get me wrong some of the pics are cool, but your desperation is shining through and it ruins it for anyone not sexually repressed