Awesome Illustrations by Serge Birault

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By on May 4, 2011, in Illustrations

Serge is a brilliant freelance illustrator from France. He has created truly inspirational pieces of art.


pinit fg en rect gray 20 Awesome Illustrations by Serge Birault

shareit Awesome Illustrations by Serge Birault

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  • http://Website Moi 2

    No art here , just cartoons .

  • http://Website Pinkie

    WHERE is the awesomness? o.O

    These pictures are very strange and definitely not pretty at all…

    Idea is good and funny often, but design is not much.

  • Greg

    LAST pic is my fav. love that small detail that turns the whole picture upside-down.

  • Shapewear

    The third picture I loved the most

  • thingstodo

    AMAZING!!! Beautiful, playful, skillful, sassy. Thanks for sharing and keep up the splendid work.

  • Sapaka

    And who are you to say cartoons can’t be art? Great job there l’Artiste!

  • glars

    by inspirational do you mean “exploitative female shlock” and “generic videogame hardass protagonist” because that’s all I’m seein here