Body Painting by Craig Tracy

Body painting is form of art in which Craig Tracy excels. Shapes of models’ bodies are an inspiration for this artist who was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Check out his works and be amazed!

You may also want to check out some of his products on Amazon, or his book Painted Alive: The Fine Art Bodypainting of Craig Tracy.


You may also want to check out some of his products on Amazon, his book Painted Alive: The Fine Art Bodypainting of Craig Tracy, or visit his Website.

We also recently featured another body paint artist: Body Painting by Barbara Pichiecchio and Alessio Frederico.

Here is a sample of her work:

  • Very cool artwork. I do some digital artwork myself.

  • TB

    Beautifully erotic.

    • laknowlden13

      These are extremely beautiful paintings. very well done.

  • how very kitsch! terrible stuff..

    • Bobo is a Fag.

      unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful.

  • These are amazing.

  • I love these. They're Beautiful.

  • brittani

    wow.. paint my body next ;P

  • WAUW I wish some1 would paint my body like that once.. AMAZING

  • Man, I know that if I looked at MY girlfriend's arse and said "hey, I see an elephant's face!", I'd be in for the kicking of a lifetime.




  • I've actually been to his gallery in New Orleans, it is truly amazing!!! I love his art. For our first date, I took my boyfriend there. There is something beautifully erotic about his work. He has two of my favorites on this site, but he has way more at his gallery.

    • I’m jealous that you saw this stuff in person.

  • WOW that is simply awesome

  • Jenni

    I wish you would do it to me where could i get it done to me?

  • Use your heads

    He didn't paint their bodies. They are painted all over with a silver paint. Photographed, and the art is digitally added. Not so hard.

    • deminea

      you can see in the first photo thats shot off to side to see its clear painted on so go troll somewhere else -_-

  • I'm pretty sure that the bodies are painted. I went to an art showing/gallery in Key West and was told that the bodies are all indeed painted.

  • @BoBo Must be that the over load of compliments this artist has received causes you to want to bring the ego down…

    @Use your heads… Let us see your art if you even do any and then you can critique other artists

    First of all it's so repulsive that anyone would come on here and down play the art that was created and regardless of how it was done it is beautiful work and obviously people like it and this person more than likely is making ton's of deniro from it & if it is not so hard I guess you will also be making same kind of cash too! seriously people just let people enjoy what they see! everyone has a different perception and opinion but sometimes it is better silent than said. really those downer comments just serves you overall. Anyway just annoying.

  • Beautiful and sexy.

  • @Use your heads : You've obviously never been to or seen a body painting convention (if that is the correct term) or contest.

  • EM

    Is there a link for hi def versions?

    • James Pond

      I'm not sure where you can find them. Try the website of the artist!

  • Marie

    Just because you don't have the talent to pull something off like this doesn't mean that its impossible or a trick was used.

  • I didn't think for a second that these were digitally touched photos. I mean hello! Did you see the very first photo? It shows exactly how its done. Besides all of these painting so exquisitely follow every single curvature of these women's bodies for them to be digitally pasted. These are phenomenal pieces of work. Stop hating.

  • wa o !! nice !!

  • Very Cool Photos 🙂

  • Michelle Petit

    For the haters:

    Get an education on the subject matter, then come back and apologize, if you have the courage. *shaking head*

    This is stunning work. I'm really impressed.

  • absolutely beautiful. but why only paint 'perfect' women? why not paint more interesting looking ones. i think that would truly embrace the 'beauty of the body' in his art.

  • Best job ever.

  • I bet it tickles!! awesome, innovative work though

  • kat

    the guy who does this gets to paint women in the nude and probably gets paid very well for it haha. I bet he loves his job…

  • Nice work.Congratulation

  • It is nice enough artwork, but I agree with karmen, why not use more interesting and varied canvases? There is a whole range of beauty out there that is not skinny Caucasian girls. It seems to me like the artist wanted to paint some skinny white girls, and that's what he did.

  • Awesome it was so mind blowing

  • Really Amazing

  • Hey I work for a bodypainter named Trina Merry based out of the California Bay Area. If anyone of you are seriously interested in being painted check out to see her work or email me at to see about booking something.

    P.s. its definitely paint and not fake 🙂 its truly amazing art.

  • Is this comment box reserved for people who like this work. Why do people get upset if you don't share their views? I'm a painter and am completely ok with anyone not liking my work. I don't care for this work. No offense meant, but if you put your stuff out there you can't possibly expect only accolades.

  • This is the most amazing body painting Ive ever seen. Its at a whole new level

  • Kai

    Excellent work. Bravo!

  • Interesting! Some of it is very well done.

    However. Males can also be used. Curvy women can be used. Men and women of different nationalities can be used. Why only thin, Caucasian women?

    Also, how awkward would it be to have your intimate parts/bum crack painted?

  • i wish i pursued art.. smh

  • Great job! It is amazing!

  • Love it how can i get them for back grounds for my phone or my home. Awsome work.thanks for sharing.

  • Awsome work.

  • Brandi M

    Craig is an actual friend of mine and I’ve been body-painted by some of his industry associates (Craig wasn’t at that particular festival). His art IS actual body painting. And it takes a long time to do. It’s not digital even a little bit. So be awed. 🙂

  • WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Admiring creativity

  • ivy

    It has to be 10x better than a tatoo

  • Wow awesome body paintings

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  • surly its very difficult to pose these pictures with paintings in body

  • Zab

    Fake. All photoshopped.
    I have this before. It gets posted every year. And
    it is actually photos of nude bodies with a layer of photoshop added over.

  • nice

  • Goldielocksgarden

    Not just the masterful use of medium —the blend of imagination , body form &setting!

  • i really like it to your all pic’s.

  • JohnS

    This is a terrific artist. I found one of his favorite pieces for sale on eBay.

  • my favorite body..

  • CH

    Great skill, but where is the creativity? Yes the female form is beautiful and erotic. Now do that with an elderly man, or a heavy-set women. Take the audience somewhere that is not the sport illustrated swim suit edition.

  • hello, when i first seen this i was so amazed and had to instantly hit the back butto, this is some of the best material i have seen, Its a great skill and a brilliant talent, cant wait for your new stuff, cheers from mr plumber rochdale –

  • I like all the body paintings

  • I like that man with musical instrument

  • Photography Schools

    nice drawing!!

  • master denim

    Really inspired me of body painting..I like it Denim

  • They look like actual portraits…. That is insane, love the work Craig has done.

  • That is really cool, I wish I was that talented 😛 Im not sure what to say other then great job artists you guys are really amazing at what you do

  • wow – what amazing talent and well captured.

  • Bran5563

    its not just cool its super cool

  • This is absolutely beautiful. The body can be such art. ♥

  • jevym

    Absolutely Beautiful!

  • Hediyelikesyalar Net

    This tattoos are realy amazing and such a beautiful.

  • Wow! Amazing artwork!

  • I really love the last one.

  • aker

    wow…keep it up