A Cinematographic Approach To Photography by Nuno Boavida

I am 40 years-old, I was born and bred in Lisbon, Portugal and for the past 10 years I have been living in Leiria, a small town near Lisbon. I graduated with a degree in Materials engineering and now I work as a teacher. Although it started as an hobby, photography is a long time passion for me, it is an important part of my life. I’ve been in Pbase since 2003, but it was only in November 2006 that I decided to publish my work. Since then my involvement in photography has been growing and growing.

What I most like to do is mainly urban, b&w, conceptual photography and portraits. However the most challenge work has been my thematic works which I have been made with friends and models. It’s not like fashion sessions but more like an artistic and cinematographic approach to photography. I always try to be creative with no preconceived ideas on the achievement of my work.

Despite these past two years have done mainly portraits (but always trying to approach them in a original way), what I really love to do is certainly cinematographic sessions. You can see some of them in Pbase:

As palavras que nunca te direi : based on a Nickolas Sparks’ book
Out of Gas
Porto Calem Project : a project based on a James Bond movie
Miss Sheila : a story of a prostitute
Bang Bang
Tribal Girl
Summertime series : my goal here was to capture the beauty and sensuality of my models in a relaxed summer sessions held mainly at the beach which is one of my favorite subjects, however, some were also made elsewhere but always with the idea of being creative and have fun.

Here is a sample of my artwork.