Surrealist Universe by Vladimir Kush

Vladimir Kush was born in Russia and he is well-known in America and in the world now. He is a surrealist artist and his paintings invite us in a charming and strange universe.

He even has a DVD out on Amazon!



Don’t forget to check out his DVD: Metaphorical Voyage, and his website.


  • Amazing!

    • Parma


  • Wow, it's great! I didn't know there is such an artist in Russia. Now I do:-)

  • Wild imagination!!

  • panchito

    no doubt that Vladimir Kush is a genius, one of the best ones i ever saw

  • Aggelos Agnostic

    #11 (the one with the cloudy weather and the many houses)is not surreal!

  • Amazing photos…Thank you!

  • Surreal funny. 😀