Caricature of Friends by Adam Ellis


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I'm a French full time student and a part-time blogger. I like Pondly because it allows me to share what I find on the Internet, for everyone to see.
By on September 2, 2011, in Illustrations
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Adam Ellis lives in Portland, Oregon. When he is bored, he chooses some of his friend’s pictures found on Facebook and draws them. It results in a super funny “before/after” collection.


pinit fg en rect gray 20 Caricature of Friends by Adam Ellis

shareit Caricature of Friends by Adam Ellis

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  • roflcopter

    stealing people’s art and linking to their website with a teeny tiny link no one will click is really lame and stealing away money the real artist would get when people visit his website.

  • James Pond

    @roflcopter: we are not making money out of the artists at In fact, we are not selling anybody’s artwork and the few dollars we make from advertisements each month don’t even pay our groceries. You may instead see it as promoting the artists for free as Pondly attracts hundreds of thousands visitors a month. Many of them have already thanked us for helping them boost their sales and for attracting visitors to their website. So far, no artist have ever asked us to remove any article from Pondly. We maintain this blog because art is a passion. I hope it clarifies a few things. Regards.

  • http://Website Surlistyc

    Nice, James. Eloquently to the point.

  • Amy Uni

    Haha they all look hella horrified xD