Exquisite Hyper Realistic Paintings by Omar Ortiz

Mexican Omar Ortiz uses the human body as the main element in his work. His hyper realistic paintings are surprisingly exquisite, as is his command of light and skin tone. Most of his paintings are on large canvases, and many mistake his paintings for actual photographs.

He was born in 1977 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, where he still lives to this day. Most of his works, which have been classified as minimalistic, are done in oil, although he has experience with pastels, charcoal, watercolor, acrylics, and airbrushing.

Omar describes his work by saying, “Since I started painting I have always tried to represent things as real as I can. Sometimes I succeed and some others I don’t but it’s a fact that it is very difficult for me to do otherwise. I enjoy the challenge of reproducing skin tones and it’s nuances under natural light, particularly in bright conditions. I like simplicity in my pieces since I believe that excesses make us more poor rather than rich."

Wise words to live by, indeed.

Realistic paintings

See his official website here.

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  • Daudkhan

    speechless !

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  • Chris

    i think he needs a girlfriend…..

    • MartiBee

      Not too likely, Chris,
      Senor’ Ortiz possesses something very few men as well as few people on this planet possess. He has a “Keen Appreciation” of the female form. The human female is the most incredibly magnificent work of art that has ever existed in the history of this planet. If that is not true, then please explain why it is that thru out history humans (esp. men) have always painted the female form?? Women’s bodies are the greatest. most beautiful design Our Creator ever created. Only a person capable of comprehending this would have the gift of reproducing such exquisite works of art. Omar Ortiz is a master artist.!!!

  • Adad


  • Cornerofart


  • Ekremkitapci

    No words……………….U R ……. I don’t find the right word, no words.

  • uuuuuhhh

    clean clothes, finished work, and he’s still painting? another self serving artist….

    • …as opposed to?

      • MartiBee

        that’s what I say! Some folk’s like to find fault, even where there is no fault to find. Even if Ortiz is a photographer, not a painter, he’s still a terrific artist! Try giving credit where credit is due. Perhaps all the “Naysayer’s” would do well to google Omar Ortiz to gain authenticating info about the artist, instead of jealously ripping him to shreds. But then his talent IS quite a gift, & that must truly cause “green-eyed” monsters to surface in many ignorant viewers
        Tsk, tsk!! I see nothing amateurish or sexist in Ortiz’s art.
        It’s as natural as is breathing for any human to want to look at beautiful women in a state of semi-nudity. If Senor’ Ortiz is in Spain or Mexico, or where ever he works & or lives, perhaps those 2 pale, white, young females were the only women willing to permit Ortiz to paint them. Also if Ortiz painted them while he was in an art class the ladies may have been the “Life Drawing Class” models.
        People love to critique everyone & everything these days, “because they can”!

  • Vaibhav


  • bebe


  • Dia

    que saben de arte…

  • Titusz Garamszegi

    no comment……

  • Ronitbasu


  • iman

    sooo amasing…and breath taking….just unbelievable

  • Karyn

    Speachless… That’s no possible! So many details… Incredible!!… There’s something of pleasure and shame… Just beautiful!

  • Ed

    Technique is fantastic. Cheesy. Perspective is off. Show off.

  • Devon

    Great. Another guy who paints naked women.

    • …very well!

    • Brittany

      Right? These are beautiful, but also another example of the extremely specific body shape the media promotes. This is a celebration of female beauty, but also an objectification of the women themselves…you can’t even see either of the women’s eyes in any of the paintings.

  • Wow, it is hard to believe these are painted.

  • Disproportionate, makes it all crap. He needs to go back to the basics and learn how the human body connects and works…Doesn’t matter how realistic it is if one leg is 4in longer than the other or hips are freakisly wider than they should be…

    • Agreed

      Agreed. It’s evident that he was great technique, but his figurative proportions are off, especially with the ear placement and shadows underneath the hands are flat and doesn’t coincide with the directional lines of the body and look static.

    • torbs

      I was actually relieved by the one painting where the woman has large hips, because I found most of his paintings have women with disproportionately thin thighs. (Also, I know several women with hips that wide in proportion to their bodies).

    • tim

      …and whats the link to your gallery?

  • nancy sandoval

    He is a “Genius”

  • rafia

    In love with your work

  • ivan benic

    extremely well executed paintings but But I was suprized at the amateurish mistakes in figure drawings

    A few more years in figure drawing class would do him some good . for the sake of creating a painting we cant make one leg shorter then it should be just to fit into the painting .. a neck on one of the girls belongs on a body builder .. I can go on but… extremely well done art but the women need a bit more of a tan … some look a bit pale to me

    • torbs

      Some women ARE pale

  • ivan benic

    wow I just noticed He missed placing the ear by at least 2 inches or 4 cm if you like metric on the 4 th and 5 th painting from the bottom.

  • TheMAXXX

    This guy can’t paint nipples. HE always hides them! It’s like Rob Liefield with hands and feet!

  • stephen

    Every picture of him was brilliantly taken right before the very last stroke.

  • I think this might be a fake, why all of the paintings he seems to be painting are already finished? also, he es to clean to be painting, i mean his hands and clothes, and finally, he is not using any kind of godete. But you know that’s maybe just me.

  • Bull.

    Why does it seem like he’s just holding a clean paintbrush to an already finished canvas? I call shenanigans.

  • true beauty…. absoulty wounderful!

  • dgaf

    How about painting a woman who’s not white? Or… *gasp* maybe even a woman who’s not super model skinny? Or even a man! Branch out a little, dude. His works all look really boring and stagnant, probably because he’s always painting the same things over and over again. The more I think about it, the more I really dislike this guy.

    • seriously…

      I’m pretty sure these began as photos considering that they all have the same two hair styles and skin tone… And it’s likely he has more work this is probably just one gallery maybe you should do your research.

    • $18264486

      Yeah. All technique, no feeling. He’s been doing too many photo studies it feels like

  • Michael

    What a waste of talent. Why doesn’t he do something creative instead of faking photographs?

    • keepyourpower

      You can tell it is not a photograph by the feet in the second pic.

  • Ken

    Do you know what is a lot harder than painting perfect, smooth skin? Painting realistic, dimpled, imperfect skin. Let’s see some ladies with some meat on their bones! I’m sick of all these bone-bags getting idolized… there’s nothing to grab onto.

    • Nomseh

      I see what point you are trying to make here but… Calling women this shape “bone-bags” seems like a poor way to make said point. Why can’t all bodies, be they fat, skinny, chubby, lean, athletic, curvy, whatever, be fine? If these were pictures of “overweight” women and someone said “Let’s see some ladies who don’t look like a sack of lard! I’m sick of all these cows” It would be considered atrocious to say that in our ever-accepting culture (rightly so, as that would be a disgraceful thing to say), but somehow its okay to say a similar thing about skinny women? He is an artist… This is the body HE likes, so he paints it! Is that so bad? If you were him, maybe you would pain these ladies with a bit more meat on their bones, but this is the type of lady he likes to paint.

  • Iknow

    These are photos on canvas, and he is pretending to paint.



  • St.Lumize Arts & Ideas.

    either Photography or Painting, he has done a great job,

  • robyn

    Those aren’t hyper-realist! I don’t know any women with real breasts like that!

  • dan

    I find it funny all the people saying that they’re bothered that its two skinny white girls he’s painted, and criticizing him for getting some of the proportions wrong. One you are making girls who are actually skinny feel bad about them selves, and its not their fault that they probably eat well and workout so they do have nice healthy bodies, and with the fact that he choose to paint ‘white girls’; they were just the subject that he decided to paint on, and the two girls makes for a very nice layout and composition. And for the people criticizing him on getting some proportions wrong, I mean really? I would like to see any of you paint that well, with his expertise of shading, plus saying why is he all clean and dressed? It is most likely that the photographer that took the photos had him stand by his already finished pieces and hold a paint brush just to give the viewing audience an idea. So before you criticize something just take a step back and admire it for what it is. Exquisite.

    • ljkolnick

      The point of criticizing it for being two skinny white girls is that that is a stereotypic, male-centric view of female beauty. You’re talking about making skinny girls feeling bad? This is a perpetuation of a long history of sexualization of women for the male gaze. That is what makes girls and women feel badly about their appearance and link that to their worth as an individual.

      • And what is so wrong with “male centric” view of beauty? He is a male who likely has the same perception of sexual beauty that most men have, which is not his fault, he’s programmed to find “stereotypical” thin girls beautiful. And besides, being skinny usually also means fit and healthy so wth is up with this criticism?

        If you’re going to criticize something, criticize the sexualization of the body in general. It’s not just the men who demand a certain appearance, it’s also the women who take advantage of this male perception and expose themselves in ways to manipulate them. The cultures that shun such behaviour are labelled as extremists, yet “free” cultures promote sexuality to the point that it’s oppressive.

        You shouldn’t have a problem with the girls being skinny or white, but with them being naked. I feel like a hypocrite looking at them but that’s precisely the point, i can’t avoid it because i’m naturally inclined to do so.

        And lastly, why the hell are we even arguing about this? When i was looking at the painting i was just blown awayyy by the detail and the talent this man possesses (and i’m an artist myself), then i scroll down here to find some bullcrap. He’s not trying to send a message here, just making something amazing so take it for what it is! it’s not our right to judge him for that.

        • torbs

          Men aren’t programmed to find thin attractive. Different body types have been considered attractive throughout different ages, included overweight.

          Thin also usually does not mean fit and healthy. It’s a small proportion of the female population that is naturally that thin. Otherwise, thin usually means malnourished.

          Lastly, why are you upset about them being nude? They’re not in sexualized positions, and they’re even modestly nude – nothing sexualized in our culture is visible. It’s hard to artistically appreciate the natural human form if you cannot see it. (Also, it is significantly easier to draw/paint nude figures than it is to draw/paint clothed figures).

        • ljkolnick

          It wouldn’t be problematic if it were taken outside of the context of a long history of sexist culture. The male gaze has been the primary drive of art and culture for centuries to the detriment of society. I don’t think it is about a men vs women thing, but rather a tempering and equalization. And equalizaton based on human rights. Sexualization of women and indeed men is getting worse. This post represents only one subject matter treated in only one way (he may of course be doing other work, but for this argument i will assume not) and this is problematic particularly because this is an almost singular theme in media today and in the past. Yes, one can see other representaitons, but they are comparatively negligible.

          To end, i am not saying this is the worst thing i’ve seen or is misogynistic, i am only pointing out that this work supports the current sexist paradigm regardless of the painter’s intentions.

      • torbs

        That, and it’s Eurocentric. Non-white ethnicities are rarely represented in media and art.

        • keepyourpower

          They are brown girls..from Mexico.

      • Don Jusko

        I like his subject matter, those are the color and proportions I like too. I think anyone calling them two skinny white girls is racist and living in the past to say the least.

        It’s not what you paint, it’s how you paint it that counts. What bothers me most is that no comments even mention that they are enlarged photos. I think one should paint structures that are personally understood, that takes a lot of practice.

    • torbs

      No one has criticized his artistic technique – it is truly exquisite.

      But after just 8 months total (on and off) of figure-drawing class in high school, very few students were still making these basic proportion errors in their work. It doesn’t take a great deal of training to grasp human proportion and drawing what you see (not what you think you see) – this is why other artists here are criticizing his proportions.

      Also, our culture’s association between thinness and health is not based in reality. Most (not all) women who are that thin are malnourished and/or do not do much serious exercise (note how thin their thighs are – most healthy women who work out would have much larger thighs because of muscle mass in the quads and hamstrings).

  • Bannane


  • SquidLove

    Hyper realism is silly. I’d love to see this skill in painting applied to a more interesting style. Hell, give one of the chicks two heads or 3 arms or something; anything – Something that you can’t simply just take a picture of.

  • zhoutengshan

    Draw good

  • zhoutengshan

    Learn from you, I wish you a healthy body, thank you.

  • WOW! Such an amazing work!

  • Ray

    You are very talented. I am amazed at how realistic the paintings are. They look almost like photographs.

  • springly

    So many hours for such mediocre results

  • T

    When I first looked at it I thought they just took a picture and I felt shame but when I realized some painted it The shame shifted onto them. This disgusts me that someone would paint that! but then again it has good details…

  • nina

    i hate my life bc of things like this
    but it’s rlly awesome

  • Awesome!!

  • Averybell

    incredible… the realism is so on point.

  • keepyourpower

    This is realism. This is what I wish I could do.

  • Cathy Kim

    This reminds me of that myth in which the artist fell in love with his own creation because it was so beautiful.

  • carol stevens

    so photographic..why not take a photo? Artists-eyes.com

  • Don Jusko

    He works hard but I don’t think he understands the body very well, he should paint more from life and less from photographs.

  • Jaded

    I do not like these paintings.

  • Shelley

    Great skill, but I find these to be offensive. Why only physically perfect women and why only their bodies!? Once again, art which objectifies women.

  • Magda Vacariu

    I know his work, and I have never liked it. His paintings look like advertising for some skin cream. He just copies some bad photos, no creativity and such bad taste.

  • MD.SHAMI Rahman

    Well done; but can’t he paint anything without nude girls??

  • Amazing photos…Thank you!