Realistic Oil Painting by Marta Penter

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By on September 23, 2011, in Paintings
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Marta Penter was born in Porto Alegre, in Brazil. Her usually large watercolor and oil paintings feature the highlighting of light and shadow effects, thus creating a unique intimate atmosphere.


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  • http://Website Julie

    Love ur work!,!!!

  • http://Website jombs

    really nice work!

  • http://Pondly nancy sandoval

    Terrific talent. To be this good, is your talent taught or have you always had it?

  • Thetimm

    Incredible work, keep it up!!!

  • LatexLollypop

    whats the point if it doesn’t look like a painting

  • Mark Wilson

    Those painting very nice. :)

  • Guest

    Watercolor, eh?

  • kalaysa

    love it! keep it up :)