Fabulous Photography by Dewan Irawan

Dewan Irawan is an Indonesian photographer. I love the timeless set-up where human and nature live in harmony.


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  • Brian Griffith

    I would like to make a request of Dewan Irawan:

    Dear Dewan,
    am a Canadian writer, and a friend showed me your photography on
    Facebook. I feel it is fantastic and I shared the link to your website
    with my friends. I immediately thought that one of your pictures would
    be perfect for use on the cover of a book I am writing. The book is
    called “Animal Wars: A Story of Our Beastly Relations” and it is about
    how relations between humans and animals have developed over the course
    of history, with periods of war or peace between different species in
    different cultures.
    would like to use your picture called “Fast Asleep” on the
    cover of the book. Please advise me what you would require, and I will
    advise my publisher.
    Once again, I feel your work is fantastic, and I wish you great success, –Brian Griffith