God Inspired Child Prodigy Artist Akiane

Akiane is a worldwide acclaimed child prodigy who began drawing at 4, and painting at 6, teaching herself and learning mostly from her own keen observation and study. At 4, she had a life-changing spiritual transformation, bringing her atheist family to God. The inspiration for her art and literature comes from her visions, dreams, observations of people, nature and God.

She considers her style as Akianism – a universal blend of realism and imaginism. Her life goal is to share her love for God to people around the world.

All the paintings presented here were executed from age 8 to 12, except for the 3 first paintings, which were done at an older age.


Akiane paintings


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  • mali

    its unfortunate that the talent is wasted on such corny pictures.

  • Jules

    mmm.. corny eh ? stay open minded.. art doesnt have to be dark or ugly … she says she is inspired to get them on canvas from visions…. so maybe your cynicism is what’s corny

  • riverlassie

    Corney ? You got to be kidding. Let’s see what you can do. Just goes to show, theres one in every room .

  • Mack

    You never know she may grow up and drop the God rubbish and paint some seriously good pictures – she obviously has talent

  • Tillie Ann Ross-Benavides

    She has true talent I personally think she is amazing.Open your eyes and your heart look for the beauty in the world is what I get from her paintings keep up the good work Akiane!!