Papercuts by Joe Bagley

Joe Bagley is a paper artist who lives in Boston. All of his designs are original works, and each is cut by hand. No lasers, dies, or prints!


  • Paula F.

    Awesome work. You are very talented!!

  • Izzy

    Amazing. I love the couple under the umbrella!
    PS. Just found a great blog at

  • Eggnostriva

    The two of the couple in the middle arent papercuts.

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  • Khushboolakhi

    Awesome work.

  • Johny Krasavec

    Talented in tracing photos and patience

  • Sarah Fairthorne

    where can i buy one?

  • James Pond
  • Donne Roma

    Great work! Love it!

  • Chelsea

    What kind of paper are you using? Whenever I try to do intricate stuff like this it always rips…


    amazing stuff.