A Blind Artist – Matthew Rhodes

In 1995, whilst serving in the British Army after completing a summer tour of Bosnia, I suffered from a serious accident. From this accident I received two blood clots to the center of my brain and from these blood clots I was in a coma for roughly ten weeks, and from this received a number of disabilities; classed as totally blind, but I can see a little, paralyzed down my right hand side, short term memory loss, my emotions so now I can never cry, but also can never be over happy.  But from my accident I have never, and will never give in and have done paragliding, free fall parachuting, horse dressage competition, the London marathon and the Brighton Marathon, abesailing are to name but a few.  Roughly two years ago, 2009, I was introduced to painting, having never done it before my accident, and had never even considered doing it after my accident due to my blindness, but I have found that I can paint, and at quite a good outcomes!  So please look at my paintings and give me a true thought!  If you’d like to read my autobiography from when I joined the army, to present day then please have a look via my website.