“Art Mixtape” Made With Over 50,000 Thumbtacks


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A visual artist that resides in Harlem, NY.
Web site: http://andrewooleryart.com
By on December 1, 2011, in Concept Art , Paintings
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Harlem based artist, Andre Woolery, has released his art in the form of mixtape: http://andrewooleryartmixtape.com

This is my first collection of pieces made exclusively from over 50,000 thumbtacks.  Pieces range in size from 2 ft x 4 ft all the way to a piece that is 9 ft x 4 ft.  The mixtape experience will leverage parallax scrolling feature that can take the user through numerous details about each piece including a description, inspiration, the creation process, and other tidbits.

Track 1 | Jay-Z “The Tackover”
Track 2 | Jimi Hendrix “Electric Feel”
Track 3 | Kanye West “Tacks on Tacks on Tacks…”
Track 4 | President Obama “Wet Paint”
Track 5 | “Its all about the Benjamins”

Follow the artist on Twitter for updates: http://twitter.com/undre2g

Do you want more visual fun? See the visual archive.

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