Enter The Mystical Realm of Jeffrey Hull’s Dreamy Watercolors

No one captures the magic of the north Oregon coast quite like water colorist Jeffrey Hull.  He masterfully paints the misty shores where sky and water inevitably meet.  Hull has the ability to paint the elements with vivid clarity and realism.  After graduating highschool he moved out to the beach to surf, yet being immersed in the raw beauty of the coast he was inspired to pick up his paint brush and discovered his true passion.  The majority of his subject matter is the rugged north Oregon coast, misty bluffs, crashing surf and monoliths rising from the Pacific Ocean. Hull and his wife opened their own gallery in Cannon Beach in 1987.  Hull is a cornerstone of the Cannon Beach art scene, setting the precedent for up and coming artists in his community.  His ability to convey the mood, atmosphere and pure beauty of the coast is exceptional and inspirational.