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MosaicYourself – Be part of the picture
MosaicYourself makes photomosaics from the faces found in your picture library using facial recognition. So the tiles of the resulting mosaic are the faces of the people on your pictures!! Isn’t that amazing?

Visit us at www.MosaicYourself.com.
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MosaicYourself is a (family) Internet business based in Irvine, the heart of Orange County in California. We are serving the world with original photomosaics made from faces extracted from your photo library.

We are a triplet composed by an Electronics Engineer, a Scientist and a 11 month son.

In late 2011 my wife and I decided to start a business making face photomosaics (http://www.mosaicyourself.com) because it turns out that for more than 6 years we were making them for family and friends on special occasions (farewells, weddings, etc). We thought it was a good idea to offer this service to the general public.

MosaicYourself makes a mosaic out of the faces found in your pictures and the background picture of your choice. We extract the faces from your picture library, your Flickr pictures, your Facebook pictures or the pictures on your computer using state of the art facial recognition. We make those faces the tiles of your mosaic!
Be original and print one of this amazing artworks where YOU ARE PART OF THE PICTURE.

You can make mosaics using the contacts on your LinkedIn profile as tiles!!

MosaicYourself’s mosaics draw your favorite pictures using the faces of your pictures albums as tiles. The mosaics are able to accomplish a double effect, seeing the big (base) picture at a distance, and being able to distinguish the builing blocks. That gives the opportunity of making the faces of the people of your choice be part of an unforgettable item that will keep the observers amazed.

Mosaic of Santa Claus

Detail of the faces within the Santa Claus Mosaic.

What differentiates us from other photomosaic software and services is that the tiles of our mosaics are indeed faces, which are recognizable to the human eye, and not pictures that get unrecognizable.

Visit us at www.MosaicYourself.com.
Visit our image gallery at www.MosaicYourself.com/image-gallery.