Stained Glass on Canvas by Rae Chichilnitsky

Rae Chichilnitsky

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Multi-talented, imaginative, creative, eclectic, atypical artist-writer-translator- IT professional-musicologist-thinker-inquisitive mind (not necessary in this order). Free in spirit, freelancer at work. Fine art, illustration, graphics, crafts and uique novelty items. Original and authentic artwork only. Never a copy... Into associations and symbolism of sounds-colors-words-ideas. A developer rather than maintainer. Need to see big picture first & to connect the dots. Demographics: USSR/ Moldova-USA/ New York – Churchville, PA. Looking for light, magic and reason behind EVERYTHING. Finding BEAUTY in different subjects, styles and media. Progressive worldview from monochromatic to 256-bits full-spectrum to holographic reality. EVERYTHING exists! ANYTHING is possible! ALL is connected! It's not This OR That; it's This AND That all at the same time at any given instance!
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By on December 13, 2011, in Paintings
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Original paintings (acrylic and relief outliner on canvas) that utilize unique technique to produce an effect of stained-glass on canvas. Bold, vivid and completely original

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Stained Glass on Canvas by Rae Chichilnitsky

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