The Royal Dozen by Alexia Sinclair

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Louis XIV – The Sun King (1638–1715)

Princes, warlords, dandies and diplomats take the stage to form a lavish series of portraits titled The Royal Dozen. Through the study of nobility in history and portraiture, multimedia artist Alexia Sinclair has produced twelve innovative artworks formed from thousands of photographs and illustrations.

Charles II – The Merrie Monarch (1630-1685)

Alexander the Great – Son of Zeus (356–323 bc)

Genghis Khan – The Mongol Warrior (1162–1227)

Hannibal – Grace of Baal (247–182 bc)

Lorenzo de’ Medici – The Magnificent (1449–1492)

Marquis de Sade – The Sadist (1740–1814)

Napoleon Bonaparte – Emperor of the French (1769–1821)

Peter Romanov ­ The Great (1672–1725)

Pope Alexander VI – The Borgia Pope (1431 –1503)

Shah Jahan – King of the World (1592 –1666)

Vlad Draculea – Son of the Dragon (1431-1476)


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