Amusing Rats Photography by Jessica Florence

Jessica Florence is a aspiring photographer who take shots of her pets in a very cute manner. She does a great job humanizing the rats, giving them a lovable personality.


  • Pam Bevins

    Adorable. Who knew rats were so cute? Seems Jessica knew! Lucky us. Thanks.

  • ava

    loved them,soooo cut ^_^

  • ModusOperandi

    Oh I always loved rats! So nice to see someone indulging their beauty and fragility 🙂
    Love it <3

  • etc.

    just goes to show even rats can be cute… as long as you can’t see the tail.

  • gormenghastly

    As cute as rats can get, I guess.

  • Rats do have lovable personalities. People find it so hard to believe, but they are very intelligent animals and become very bonded with their humans.

  • dixie

    Ratties are loving, inquisitive snugglers.

  • nemesisfixx

    So rats have finally come out of the medical lab onto the catwalk! Amazing ratevolution 🙂

  • Manny

    It’s good to see rats getting the recognition that they deserve. I have 2 rats, Monty and Quigley and I love them so much. They make my days better! They’re very loving and cuddly and love to give kisses! I could not imagine my life without them. These are my first pair of rats and it definitely will not be my last! 😀