Creative Vinyl Sleevefaces (49 Photos)

You take a sleeve. You take a face. You make Sleeveface. Available if you have easy access to vinyl, though it also works with some CDs, books and magazines…


  • Tony

    These are awesome!! My brother and I used to do this as kids and laughed for hours…so we created an iPhone app for it! You don’t always have your vinyl with you and let’s face it, some people don’t even buy records…so there’s SLEEVEFACER for the iPhone. Choose an album from your music library, line it up and snap a photo…find it here:

  • greg

    Tony is there an app for Android?

    • Tony

      Hopefully some day soon…that is the #1 question we receive. My brother did all the coding for the iPhone version and we’re looking to get a version for the Android sometime this year for sure!

  • Truly creative work and idea use to make some fun from taking photography. Nice 🙂