Serene Plein Air Oil Paintings by Kathleen M. Robison

Kathleen loves painting the California coast in Laguna Beach, CA

Kathleen’s painting style can be described as Expressive Impressionism taking cues from the California impressionist masters, as well as traditional French Impressionists. Her main focus is on the California coast and the surrounding beauty in the landscapes of Southern California. With smooth, loose brushstrokes, and a radiant beautiful colors she seeks to convey the feeling of the calm serene beauty of nature.

Shred the Gnar Gnar, 6x8" was painting after many studies of surfers in San Clemente.


Back Bay Canals, 12x16". A favorite painting spot among California artists.


While raising five children, Kathleen always found a few hours to sneak in some painting. She is inspired by the great writer Leo Tolstoy who wrote War and Peace while raising thirteen children.


I-5 California, 8x10". An isolated farmhouse stands still against the backdrop of the mountains.


Watermelon, 6x8". Juicy red watermelon just asking to be captured in all its glory.


Kathleen described Caramel Machiattos, 30x40", as one of her most impulsive fun paintings she has done.


Kathleen exhibits at Studio 7 Gallery in Laguna beach and also frequently updates her artist blog with her new paintings with a little commentary as soon as she paints them.

Visit website: Kathleen M Robison Original Oil Paintings