Unbelievable Metal Sculptures by David Kracov

It is rare for an artist to create a work of art that stirs so many emotions, leaving the viewer speechless. David Kracov has accomplished exactly this on more than one occasion. One of David’s greatest passions is to create sculptures that cause deep memories to surface and heartfelt emotions to stir. These creations may seem far from the wit and colorful linguistics for which he is known, but for David, each one is a personal opus to how life affects his art.


  • Oh this is really fantastic stuff.

  • Perksy

    Wow!! really stunning!! Pinned on pinterest! x

  • Awesome piece; it must have been enormous work producing it.

  • JoshWGrobansGirl

    Absolutely stunning work. The shapes, the detail, the colors – amazing. What an artist!!! Love your work!!!

  • very cool. but I bet the shipping costs on these things are through the roof!

  • L Rowan McKnight

    Wonderful. I’d love to have the first one.

  • yolo-swagstar

    Fake and gay……. there not even real