Dark-Surrealistic Paintings by Davide Martini (Hero-Parasite)

Hero-parasite (Davide Martini) was born in a remote Italian province, always nurtured a passion for art and aesthetics. At first, the passion for hip hop culture and graffiti and then begin to have confidence in the self-taught airbrush, producing customized for each media type: cars, bikes, helmets, mobile phones, clothes and everything. Graduated as a graphic designer for advertising enters the world of fashion,specializing in graphics and printing on the product. Always attracted by dark and biomechanics finally finds the inspiration as a result of some experiences that lead him to create this dark world. With the establishment of Hardcore Familia with Rugeboy and Sten, finds a way to vent all his creativity. Drum’n’bass nights, video production and VJ sets, flyers, t-shirts and ending with competitions and exhibitions of art, always sponsoring our underground culture and accompanied and supported by their group that over the years has widened.

The recurring theme “Dark is the Future” is an abstract and conceptual vision of a world placed on an indefinite time, but finds many references to this, or a chaotic and catastrophic development of the same. The majority of works are created from the basic concept of the tendency of human beings, which seems to be self-destruction and involution and we can find it represented life forms currently known as invertebrates, but we see them painted in advanced vertebrated forms and organs and bone structure of the human lineage, or as an evolution of the union between the strength of the insect and human beauty, using natural materials and forms in complete contrast to the artificial, industrial, mechanical.
Nature, as such, it presents itself unexpectedly available to new and unprecedented possibilities of synthesis which will inevitably take the body where there are certain circumstances. The biomechanoid expresses this dark vision of the future, it is the assimilation between man and machine, between nature and technology, the human conquest of control over something still considered chaotic and unfathomable. The insect evokes conditioned by modern society, the appearance of a hideous beast, dark, slimy underground and also as a synonym of our being to search for evolution and survival, evaders of standard fees, researchers of new freedoms to prejudice ‘ shadow by the media, hiding from commercial channels and sponsored through innovative methods (“to be” more than 30 seconds, and express themselves without the limit of 160 characters).
This project summarizes conceptually the influence of society and the environment around us and stifles us, through the symbolism of images and sounds.

The Time Has Come.

More at http://www.hero-parasite.com