Icons’ Portraits by Krzysztof Lucasiewicz


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I love my dogs, reading books, and taking great pictures with my battered but still functional digital camera. Taking great pictures with a high end camera is almost too easy, producing fantastic images with an outdated one is an accomplishment by itself.
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His name may be a mouthful but the pencil portraits he makes are definitely worth a second look. With bold strokes and subtle shadings, Krzysztof Lucasiewicz brings to life today’s most-talked about celebrities. He doesn’t limit his subjects to pop icons either, he also makes portraits of ordinary people. Now, there are many pencil and paper portrait artists out there, but this Polish artist captures the vitality and character of his subjects. It is this quality that makes Krzysztof Lucasiewicz’s work stand out above the rest.















Check out more of his portraits here.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Icons’ Portraits by Krzysztof Lucasiewicz

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