Lyubomir Sergeev’s Mind-Blowing Photographs

At first glance, the incongruity of the subjects in Lyubomir Sergeev’s work will elicit a smile. The thing is, the longer you look at his work, the more you understand the actual depth and meaning behind it. Each detail of this Bulgarian artist’s work is carefully thought out, making the digitally enhanced images pop out and grab the viewer by the eye. The picture above shows what appears to be a model in a skimpy red outfit holding a hamper and a dog on a leash. It’s only later when I realize that it’s supposed to be a parody of the popular children’s fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood.

A miner in a white tutu, holding a pick.

Metamorphosis of woman.

Cinderella about to be transformed into a princess…in a bakery?

A rather talented maid making up the bed.

A chef painting? seasoning? a lobster.

A cop who looks like he just robbed a bank.

Light as a feather.

Water ballet?

I love his expression. It says: “I’m done butchering cattle. It’s your turn now.”

Check out more of Lyubomir Sergeev’s work on his website.