Cutting Edge Digital Art by Michael Oswald


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I love my dogs, reading books, and taking great pictures with my battered but still functional digital camera. Taking great pictures with a high end camera is almost too easy, producing fantastic images with an outdated one is an accomplishment by itself.
By on March 6, 2012, in Graphic Design
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Canvas, oil paint, watercolor, paper, pen, and ink may never go out of style; but a new generation of artists raised in the digital age could certainly hold their own against the artists of old. Anybody with a PC can tinker with a digital image. On the other hand, digitally manipulating photos to such a degree that turns them into a piece of art is no easy task. For talented artists like Michael Oswald, creativity is limited only by the imagination. Michael is a California-based digital artist who specializes in photo manipulation, portraits, and ‘HotBots’. His works are simply perfect and will definitely look great on UPrinting canvas prints and posters.



























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