German Typographer Harald Geisler and his Typographic Wall Calendar

What is the project about: The 2012 Typographic Wall Calendar is a huge Wall Calendar (27 x 40 inch) created from 2012 used keyboard keys. The Keyboard keys are arranged by hand to read out every day of the year, as if a person would type it. I am continuously working on this project since 2009. The resulting artwork is printed in the original size.

“…stunning reinterpretation of a calendar is a masterful example of how a designer can completely flip a genre signifier on its head. Geisler re-imagines calendars in order to change the way we visualize time, and in turn, redefines what it means to save the date.”
Michael McGregor, NYC,

“…one-of-a-kind…” Armin Vit, Quipsologies (former Speak Up) Vol.47 No.60, Austin TX

“…unique DIY…” Abby Jenkins, Apartment Therapy Unpluggd, US

”Loved Harald Geisler’s 2010 wall calendar…” Maria Popova,, L.A. (US)

“…This is calendar ART. This is art that is a CALENDAR…”
Clerkenunwell, Chicago (US)

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”…pretty weird…” @smashingmag,, Freiburg, Germany

“Save the date
Harald Geisler’s typographic calendar is made up of a mind-boggling 2,012 used computer keys that have been manually arranged to spell out every single day in the year 2012, with the whole shebang clocking in at 27×40 inches. It may take a little practice to decipher, but it’s a whole lot more fun. ”

Harald Geisler is a typographer and artist. He directs his successful studio in Frankfurt, Germany. The studios projects range from font-design, book publishing, calligraphic art objects and a continually growing number of still life art prints.

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