Have A Cup of Coffee With Hong Yi


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I love my dogs, reading books, and taking great pictures with my battered but still functional digital camera. Taking great pictures with a high end camera is almost too easy, producing fantastic images with an outdated one is an accomplishment by itself.
By on April 16, 2012, in Concept Art
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Hong Yi, who sometimes goes by the name Red, is a hot, new, and definitely creative young artist from Malaysia. She doesn’t deal with anything as common as a paintbrush, instead, she creates art out of anything she can get her hands on. Among the unlikely objects she has used are: a cup of coffee, a basketball, rocks, ketchup, milk, salt, shirts, and even sunflower seeds! She said ” I like to grab whatever I can get hold of and turn them into art. It’s more fun that way!”













Check out more of her work at her website.

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