I Dare the Sky and Brighter Doom – Pensive Animal Art by Scott Belcastro

Scott Belcastro is a Los Angeles based painter who grew up in upstate New York. Perhaps because of this, most of his acrylic paintings have nature inspired themes. The subjects of his work (mostly animals) express a certain feeling of loneliness and hope. They are set against a dramatic backdrop of oppressing skies. His most recent series “Brighter Doom“, explores “the vivacity and chaos pulsating through all entities” as one gallery put it. According to Scott, “I wanted to capture an imaginary essence or spirit that moves with things, whether it be a gun, an animal, or a building. The depiction of guns and animals together have nothing to do with any sort of violence or harm. Brighter Doom delves into my internal reactions to beauty and what it would look like as energy….motion ….and a bit of chaos.”














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