The Face in the Mirror – Realistic Drawings by Heikki Leis

No one wants to be caught in an awkward moment but Heikki Leis has so vividly captured the inconsequential moments of our everyday lives in his series “Everyday Reflections“. In this revealing series, people are caught making themselves presentable for the day. The whole gamut of early morning hygienic practices run from the awkward (head shaving), to the painful (eyebrow plucking), to the downright embarrassing (zit popping). It takes a great deal of artistic talent to make drawings so realistic that at first glance, you would think they were merely digitally altered photos. I guess it helps that Heikki also does a bit of sculpture and photography at the side. He has been a freelance artist since 2000 and a lot of his drawings are for sale as originals or digital prints.









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