Dystopic Thematization of the Post/Late Modern Youth Generation by Marie Wengler

My name is Marie Wengler (born 1992). I have been interested in and working with photography and art since a young age, and at the age of only 20 years. Even though I’m still very young and completely self-taught (so far – I’m checking out different artistic educational options at this moment), I have been contacted by a recognized exhibition house in Copenhagen, Denmark, in order to establish my first solo exhibition from the 3rd of May – 5th of August 2012. The exhibition will also become a part of Copenhagen Photo Festival 2012. The images featured in the exhibition, which is called ‘Generation Y?’, thematizes the life issues of the post/late modern youth generation, which I belong to myself. I have experienced the issues of the post/late modern existence myself, I have learned to understand the new living condition for our new post/late modern era.

During the past few years, I have experimented with several very different photographic styles and approaches. I have been interested in various themes and have changed my artistic focus during this artistic development – although I still have many new artistic ideas to bring alive, new photographic experiments and artistic expressions to explore in the future. I still have so much to learn.

My newest series of images contains dystopian portraits. Selected pictures from this series of images are featured in my first solo exhibition i Copenhagen. The theme of the series of images, called ‘Generation Y?’ is a thematization of the life issues of my own post/late modern generation. Life issues like for instance anonymization, individualization, the suppressed human instincts, globalization, the technological development and it’s affect on the interaction patterns between humans, the anxiety of alienation from our own identity and body, the fear of feeling insignificant and lonely as individuals, the frustration of life’s meaninglessness and the desperation at not being able to live up to society’s demands and standards for perfection and success by choosing the wrong decisions in life. The human vanity and fear of the inevitable mortality are thematized too – the old Vanitas genre is re-interpertated, re-born.




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Selected images from the exhibition and a more detailed description of the theme: