Don Packwood Automotive Art

Painting Title: RED MAX   – Racing Monza –

Sir Stirling Moss made the point, that he wasn’t a natural driver, in his opinion, having to work very hard to be fast. On the other hand he believed drivers like Nuvolari, Fangio and Senna were naturals. What set these individuals apart was that they possessed a gift, an instinct for driving very fast. This is also true for artists in their painting. I think most people with training would achieve some skill in drawing but I agree with Moss, there are naturally gifted artists, instinctively able to achieve results that some would spend a lifetime trying.

My parents providing me with my first oil paints, brushes canvas etc. on my eighth birthday and I’ve been painting off and on for 50 plus years, being much more serious in the last 15 or so. I can even remember my first painting entitled the Lonely Tree. On completion I noticed that the tree had depth, visually 3D but I didn’t understand why? I soon realized that the balance, proportion, perspective and lighting are all equally of importance and giving the final elusion of depth and volume to the composition. 

Don Packwood