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An upcoming photographer studying in Herefordshire, always on the look for commissions or a helping hand. Spend my time constructing images to understand life's ups and downs.
By on June 12, 2012, in Photography
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This project is by Scott Eyre about personas and how everyone has several different personalities, whether it be sub consciously or completely obvious. The personalities change around certain people or scenarios,  the obvious example would be the idea of how you act around your boss and then how you act around your friends/family. He’s spent the last 6 months working out my own multiple personalities and then exaggerated them to make them more obvious and lighthearted, and also so that people can relate to them and begin to think about there own personas. The photographs are pretty simple but after experimenting to the max and trying out different photographs, including a panorama, this seemed to be the best way to visually understand what he was trying to show.

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