The Digital Art Work of Cindy Grundsten

My main interest is to create. In my years, I have created different things. I have worked among others with clay during a period. And I have created beautiful floral arrangements with dried flowers. I have also sewn vintage decorative teddy bears at one time. When I was a little girl I drew all day long. So when I look back on my life I have always loved to create in any form. Later in life, I have found happiness in creating images. I wish I could draw and paint freehand. It would be a dream. But there I have a lot to learn. So my way of creating images is through photo manipulation.

Probably everyone knows what photo manipulation means. But for those who are not familiar with the subject I’ll explain a little fast. When I start a new artwork I need many different photographs. I mostly get my source images from image banks. To create a background, I worked on several photos. I mix up the photos into a single image by using the various ways in my imaging software Photoshop. I pick also details from photos that I put in my art work. The hardest thing is to fuse all the details in a good way so that everything looks consistent out. It should look like that all the details I have built up the image actually belong to the image.

Cindy Grundsten