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John Lennon

Let there be light and DAVID LLOYD GLOVER will find it. A prolific painter, David uses the difficult medium of water-colour and deftly achieves a multi-layered emotional — and for some, transcendental experience. White light, if you will, becomes the portrait path of self- exploration and fulfilment and the illumination of truth and echoes of eternity are shared by both artist and audience.

Glover’s paintings are on 300lb, T.H. Saunders, Waterford-series cold pressed paper. Always, a detailed under drawing is executed in 2B pencil which is a discipline learned from Illustrating. He uses Winsor & Newton transparent water-colours and Winsor & Newton brushes as he believes that superior quality materials is so important when marketing your work through top level fine art galleries.


Jimi Hendrix

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Art Work by David Lloyd Glover

shareit Art Work by David Lloyd Glover

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