Leafy Footprints by Jody Xiong


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I love my dogs, reading books, and taking great pictures with my battered but still functional digital camera. Taking great pictures with a high end camera is almost too easy, producing fantastic images with an outdated one is an accomplishment by itself.
By on November 5, 2012, in Concept Art
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This award-winning outdoor campaign to promote walking instead of driving was launched by DBB China and China Environmental Protection Foundation. Jody Xiong, the artist behind this installation, hoped to urge everyone to do their bit for the environment by placing the huge 12.6×7 meters canvas in busy intersections. Sponge cushions soaked in green, environmentally friendly paint was placed on either side. The installation was placed in seven thoroughfares in Shanghai with more than three million people participating in the campaign.










Learn more about the artist here.

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