Brooklyn Assembly Kits Serve Up DIY + Graphic Design

This week, Designed Good is featuring DIY pillowbackgammon, and tote bag kits, the creations of the artist and craft-master behind Brooklyn Assembly Kits. All of the kits are handmade in the USA with ethically-sourced materials.

The kits are exciting because Althea, the founder of Brooklyn Assembly Kits, has a refreshing mission: to help people make amazing things with their hands. She creates DIY kits so that the things in our lives can have a little extra meaning.

She focuses on simple color palettes and basic design elements that are accessible to all demographics.

The pillow kit above, for example, allows you to stitch any map you like – you email her the address you want, and she creates a custom pattern – onto this perfect pillow, ideal for wedding gifts, travel mementos, and the like.

Brooklyn Assembly Kits are the perfect example of the new things we can do with art: in some ways, each kit offers a teachable moment. They create things that can be shared between two people, whether you are making a backgammon set together or gifting someone a pillow you made with a map of a place you both love.

Designed Good is featuring the Brooklyn Assembly Kits, along with the stories of how they’re making a difference, all week.