Shooting Strangers in the Rain – Photographs by Danny Santos

Danny Santos moved to Singapore in 2008 and he has been shooting random strangers (with a camera) in Orchard street ever since. He has been a web & graphic design profession for 10 years. On the weekends, he takes long walks along Orchard street and clicks away at anyone interesting. He’s aiming to ‘create an overall image of the beauty and energy of Orchard Road through the different characters and scenarios found in this busy street’. Street photography such as Danny is does, is challenging. He said: “Nothing cooperates with you.. not the weather, not the subjects, not the situation. You have to make do with what’s available…But on few occasions when all the elements just come together, and you’re at the right place at the right time, the feeling of ‘getting that perfect shot’ just doesn’t compare to anything else.”















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