Edible Sculptures by Milena Korolczuk


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I love my dogs, reading books, and taking great pictures with my battered but still functional digital camera. Taking great pictures with a high end camera is almost too easy, producing fantastic images with an outdated one is an accomplishment by itself.
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Milena Korolczuk is an Oakland-based artist known for her work in photography and film. While having a rather boring breakfast one day, her eyes fell on a loaf of Wonder Bread and a whole series of sculptures were born. Blobs of compressed bread were pressed together to form miniature busts of pop culture icon, historical figures, and artists. She carefully photographed each sculpture for posterity. I imagine she did this before before popping her creation into the toaster.










Take a quick peek at her website.


pinit fg en rect gray 20 Edible Sculptures by Milena Korolczuk

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