Planetary Desserts by Rhiannon

Feeling a bit peckish? Have a slice of Jupiter. Planetary cakes are fast becoming quite the rage ever since self-taught chef Rhiannon created the Earth cake. It all started when her sister asked her if she could bake a spherical layer cake. It was going to be used as an instructional tool for a geology class of primary school kids. Rhiannon first thought it was impossible, but after spending a whole afternoon thinking about it, she decided to give it a try – and was pleasantly surprised by the results. It was actually her Plan B that finally worked (baking a cake inside a cake inside a cake). The Earth cake was actually just half a planet (I gues you could call it a hemisphere) but her Jupiter cake is the real thing. Cakecrumbs is Rhiannon’s blog about food and cooking. You can check it out for cool recipes and a tutorial on making planetary cakes.









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