Creeped Out – A Haunted House Installation by Torafu Architects

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo recently commissioned Torafu Architects to design a ‘Haunted House’. There was also a special interactive exhibit for children where they can scare and get scared. The artists at Torafu Architects contsructed a seemingly ordinary art gallery corridor. It had the usual paintings on the walls and even a tired gentleman sitting in the far end. A second look at the said gentleman will reveal that his hat is floating because his head is missing. The paintings themselves turn out to be on the creepy side, what with eyes following you and even frames you can climb into. Torafu Architects wanted to “Engage people more actively while stimulating their imagination. They also want to challenge perspectives and norms and break the rules as children are encouraged to run, shout and touch.”
With this creepy installation, I’ll say they achieved their goal.









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