A Buffet of Bathers – Wacky Illustrations by Denis Zilber

With both of his parents professional artists, it’s no wonder Denis Zilber turned out to be one too. He was born in the former Soviet Union and moved to Israel when he was fifteen years old. One of the more amazing thing about Denis (apart from the fact that he makes great digital illustrations), is the fact that he’s an autodidact. It’s just a fancier way of saying he’s self-taught. To describe his artistic process in an interview, he said: “Basically creating a character is not just creating an image of some living creature but creating a complex idea, a graphical symbol containing very particular concept, almost hieroglyph. I am using some kind of visual language to reach my viewer.” He also added: “Visual language should be be very clear, precise and easily understandable for people of different cultures and of different languages. After I am done with all details in black and white sketch I move on to color. That is all.”












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