Flattened – Installation by Ron Arad

Ron Arad is an Israeli designer who took the concept behind pressed flowers and applied it to Fiat 500s. According to Ron, he didn’t wreck the cars, he ‘immortalized’ them. Each vehicle was compressed to a uniform thickness of twelve centimeters at a shipyard in the Netherlands. This feat was made possible by taking out the engines, seats, and tires. Since it’s not everyday that you get to see cars being absolutely flattened, shipyard workers at brought their families to watch which gave the metal-crunching affair a festive air. Before hanging them up for display, Ron tweaked with his sculptures a bit by putting the flattened tires back in their original positions. The immortalized cars then went on display at the Design Museum Holon in Tel Aviv, Israel. Unsurprisingly, the title he gave the exhibit is “Pressed Flowers”.









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