Neat Freak – Photography by Jim Golden

Jim Golden is a Portland-based photographer who has worked with a lot of big brands like Yahoo, ESPN, and Nike. He learned the ropes in New York where he worked as a high-end compositor and visual effects specialist in the competitive, and fast-paced world of advertising photography. After mastering his craft, he moved to Portland where he opened a studio of his own where he specializes in “creating striking imagery that strives to capture the essence of his subjects”. One of his most recent series features a collection of objects neatly and meticulously laid out in a plain background which highlights the differences between the objects as well as the common theme that binds them together. The series started out with Jim’s impressive collection of scissors and grew to include shots of locks, speakers, camping gear, flotsam, cameras gear, cellphones, eight-track tapes and more.

















Check out his online studio.