Patchwork – Fashion Photography by Madame Peripetie

With contrasting patterns and loud colors, Madame Peripetie’s work doesn’t just grab your attention, it takes it by the shoulders and gives it a good shake. In her series ‘Patchwork’, she experimented with fabrics, patterns, and blond models to produce a fashion statement that some might accurately call eccentric. Her real name is Sylwana Zyburay and she has a masters degree in applied linguistics and a B.A. in photography. She is of Polish ancestry and is currently based in Germany where she worked with high-profile clients such as H, LAB, Neo2, + ing Japan, Beijing Art, and Photo Masterskaja Russia. To explain her attention-grabbing style, she said: “I was never interested in depicting reality as it is – the escapism and interdisciplinary hybrid-thinking has always been fascinating me.”








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