In the Right Place – Street Art by Charles Leval

Charles Leval is a French street artist whose art is starting to crop up in some of the most unexpected places. Levalet, as he is known in the artistic circles, likes to use props in some of his work. The props are usually the only spots of color to be found in his art. Unlike most street artists, his work is entirely in black and white. Charles’ work is unique in the way it is cleverly incorporated into the walls and objects that they are placed on. The placement of his work is definitely not random. It takes him quite a lot of wandering around to find the perfect spot which brims with artistic potential. Measurements are taken before he heads back to his shop to create the images. The finished product is then integrated into the location using wheat paste. One of his most recent work features a guy aiming a real cue stick at a hand grenade. he calls it “Demineur”, which is the French word for minesweeper.















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